YANTRA EQUIP SHOP – Fabrication and Machining Facility

  1. Manufacture of equipment for Blast Furnaces, Sinter Plants, Steel Melt Shops, Casters, Rolling Mills and Material Handling Systems.
  2. Manufacture of spares for Steel and Power Plants, Rolling mill guides, Caster and Rolling mill rolls, Water Cooled Elements, Ladles, Crane wheel assemblies, etc.
  3. Specialized repair and maintenance of equipment like hydraulic cylinders, rolling mill guide assemblies, rolling mill and caster rolls, major bearing assemblies, gear boxes, caster equipment, special application valves, etc.
  4. Equipment Refurbishing – Rolling Mills, Caster Equipment, Steel Melt Shop Equipment.

YogyaYOGYA ESTABLISHMENT SERVICES – Contractors for Construction, Operation and Maintenance.

Project Construction:

  • Erection and Commissioning of Steel Melt Shop Equipment.
  • Erection and Commissioning of Rolling Mills.
  • Installation, Piping and Commissioning of Hydraulic and Utility Systems.


EPC – Engineering, Procurement and Construction:

  • Engineering, Construction and Commissioning of Vacuum Degassing Systems.
  • Engineering, Construction and Commissioning of Wet Gas Cleaning Systems.
  • Engineering, Construction and Commissioning of Reheating Furnaces


Project Management:

  • Technical Supervision of Construction, Commissioning and Performance test.
  • Inspection and Quality Assurance of Plant Equipment.
  • Project Monitoring and Time Management.


Specialized Plant Operation and Maintenance Services:

  • Customized Reliability Assessment and Management of Hydraulic Systems.
  • Roll shop and Bearing shop Management.


Water cooled Elbow for EAF & Converters


Water cooled panel for Furnaces


Water cooled roof for EAF & LRF


Water cooled panels for Furnace shell & roof


Steel Ladles   


Hot Metal Ladles