YOJANA ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS is an emerging organization with a blend of youth and experience, with professionals who excel in their areas of core competence and produce results. Mentored by technocrats with wide and varied experience our dedicated team is committed to providing innovative and futuristic solutions in areas of projects and engineering for iron making, steel shops and rolling. 

In pursuit of achieving the objectives of serving the industry, we have associated ourselves with technology providers like MINITEC (Brazil), BAOSTEEEL TECHNOLGY ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY GROUP (China) and BEIJING SHENWU ENVIRONMENT & ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CORP. (China) known for their innovative solutions in the area of quality steel making, energy optimization and waste heat recovery, especially for mini and medium sized steel plants.

Centering on the requirements of our esteemed clients our expertise is focused on offering services that result in enhancement of performance.  We concentrate on areas which enable optimized specific energy consumption, improve process and plant reliability, and reduce capital and operating costs.

We are committed to delivering services of the highest quality to our clients with emphasis on judicious and comprehensive resolutions targeted to address specific situations with a holistic approach.